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The Gym

Our gym membership is $40 a month, is month to month, and you can cancel at any time with a written cancellation notice! This means no contracts, no salesmen, and no hassle. We offer a wide variety of equipment for every person in every stage of your fitness journey.


The Power Room

Our Power room comes well equipped for any of your powerlifting needs! We have two TSS combo racks, multiple half racks, a full rack, a monolift, an elite fts competition bench, deadlift platforms, calibrated pound and kilo plates, chains, belts and pretty much any bar that you can think of! We allow chalk, grunting and loud music, plus a team atmosphere where you can grab a spot anytime!

The Main Floor

The main floor of the gym of houses most of our pin select equipment, as well as our cable machines, plate loaded leg equipment, half racks, and dumbbells. We have a wide variety of upper body and lower body equipment to choose from, including a huge selection of free weights!


The ISO Room

Our ISO room hosts a variety of upper body equipment that is all isolateral and plate loaded. This room also houses our two olympic lifting platforms, olympic bars, pendeley plates, and our smith machine!

The Functional Room

This room holds a variety of equipment from assault runners to versaclimbers to assault bikes to ski ergs! We also have stretching mats, rollers, sand balls, sand bags, ab chairs, fat bells, kettle bells, and much more! This room also houses our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes which can be seen in action on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and Basic MMA on Tuesday and Thursday!


The Cardio Area

Our cardio area hosts a variety of equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, arc trainers, spin bikes, recumbent bikes, and row ergs! We also have a stepmill, ski ergs, versaclimber, assault bikes, and assault runners throughout the gym.

The Garage

The Garage is a special room we have hidden away for personal trainers only. If you are nervous about a crowded space or new to the gym with your trainer, we've got you covered! The garage holds a variety of equipment including a squat rack, kettle bells, dumbbells, assault bikes, plyo boxes, ski ergs, row ergs, speckle bumper plates, torque tank, ropes, sleds, tires, spin bikes, and more! This is also where most of our strength and conditioning sessions take place.

The Gym: Classes
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